Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Details Details

I'm not ready for appliances yet, but the place that quoted me prices requires delivery before Christmas in order to secure a price, so it looks like I'll be ordering them soon...

In the meantime, I decided to shop around - I'm a spend-thrift. Mike and I went to the Sears Outlet yesterday, but all their appliances were an average of $300 more than what I was quoted. So that part of the visit was a bust...


I did find a totally awesome range hood for my cooktop for a BARGAIN.

All the range hoods I had been looking at online were in the $1600-2000 range. I got mine for $800. (That's $900 less than Pete payed for his, which...well...isn't as snazzy as mine.) Huzzah!

It's a GE Monogram series hood -- for 30-36" cooktops. Has 4 dimmable lights, washable vent filters, multiple programmable settings for light/venting, a timer, and it'll even tell me when I need to replace the filters. Sweet.

I had to order the chimney vent off the internet, since my ceilings are 10', and I bought the actual hood at Sears Outlet -- it has been a display, and comes with all necessary parts -- and has a 1 year warranty!

Here's a photo...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Visual Progress!

See those little blue rectangles on wall? Those are counter-height receptacles. (Shown covered in painter's tape...)

This weekend, Mike installed all the receptacles and light switches in my house(!!) while I primed the walls and caulked doors/windows.

That means I'm one step closer to having working light fixtures! (The breakers still need to be installed...and we need to put up fixtures.) And, I'm ready for Mark to come over and paint!