Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tile Finale!

After a big push last night, which lasted until about 11pm (Thank God Pete is out of town.), we managed to install the remaining tile in the master bathroom. We still need to go back and grout both upstairs bathrooms, but at least it's progress.

Photos below...

Finished wall and niche!
More dramatic shot of finished wall and niche!

Awesome step detail into the shower.
P.S. If you have previous experience with grouting, or don't mind sitting through a short tutorial on how to grout, and would like to help (or are simply interested in the FREE BEER that comes along with helping to grout) please call me or email me. The plumber is coming the week of the 9th, and I have to have the entire 2nd floor-worth-o-tile grouted and sealed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy Progress, Batman!

Mike and I turbo-tiled this weekend, and managed to knock out a giant portion of the master bathroom wall tile. It was surprisingly easy, considering all the cutting that had to take place.

Photos below...

We finished the entire tub surround. When I first saw this idea in Pete's house, I really disliked it. The slate seemed oppressive. Now that I've finished my half, I really like it. I think the difference is that his tile goes up an extra 4" on the wall, and the tiles are darker. Mine are more colorful and earthy. Ooh la la!

The area shown here is the continuation of the tile from the left side of the tub surround. There will eventually be a glass enclosure to keep the shower from spraying everywhere. (Also note - another beer niche, for drinking in the shower, or holding shampoo bottles. Very versatile.)

I think this photo really illustrates just how massive this tiling job is. I have close to 200sqft of slate tile in this bathroom alone. This photo shows the shut off valves for the shower (left) and the rough-in stubs for the two shower heads... I call this area "The Slate Cave." If you stand in here with only shower shower and tub lights on, it feels like you're in a nicely refined Bat Cave. It's a good thing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Master Bathroom Tiling Adventures!

So I've started tiling the master bathroom. So far, the main floor, the shower floor, and the front of the tub surround are done...and have I pictures to prove it....

The white spot you see if where the toilet will go, once plumbing is done. Yay, plumbing!

This is the shower floor....all mosaics. We had to create a slope for drainage using concrete and thinset. It was complicated.

Here you can see all three surfaces -- the main floor, the shower floor, and the front of the tub surround.

And my favorite part about this whole thing is that there's a secret loose tile, which serves as an access hatch to the tub shut-off valves. (It's the dark grey and reddish square tile on the left.) Neat!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hot Countertop Action!

Some major things have happened around the house in the past week. The first is that we got the floor tile done in the guest bath, but the second is the most exciting...

I NOW HAVE COUNTERTOPS!! (Bamboo-colored countertops!)

Holy island, Batman! The island is 11'-6" long, and 42" deep at the middle.

Because the island was so large, it had to be in two pieces. Can you see the seams? No, I didn't think so... That's because my fabricator (Heartland Stone, from Columbia MO) and installer (Bob from Top Notch Interiors, also out of Columbia) were AMAZING. Bob is a subcontractor for Heartland Stone and I've got to say, he and his partner are artists when it comes to handling stone.

Short commercial:
I would highly recommend using Heartland if you're having countertops or vanities made. They are friendly and knowledgeable, their prices are very competative, and their turn-around time is really impressive -- my tops were installed less than 2 weeks after I ordered them.

This is my recessed, stainless sink with the Kohler faucet I got off eBay. (eBay is now my best friend.)
This is the master bathroom vanity. It looks excellent -- now all I need is tile and plumbing!

Last but not least, the guest bathroom is really coming along. I was hesitant to put that much slate in a small space, but I really like how intimate the bathroom feels now.